Tuesday, 22 May 2012

tutorial seven

Tutorial Seven
This post is all about some of the blogs that I have linked into and found very interesting.

Paediatric blog: This blog is one that is being actively posted on by an Occupational therapist. Some of the post that drew in my interest was the blogs discussing hand function rehabilitation. I have a younger brother who has high tone in his hand and reading about these exercises allowed me to relate some of the information back to my brothers’ case.

Diana’s Blog: This blog is a fellow students blog and discusses similar material to what is on my own blog. The post of hers that I found very interesting to read about is her blog about assistive technology, The talking photo album. This sound like a wonderful piece of equipment that could be used with a number of clients’ whether it is a blind client that wants to keep a book of memories or a client with dementia that has a deteriorating condition and require reminders of how people in the album relate to them.

Recycling OT: This blog has a post regarding autistic children and has YouTube clips on it showing an amazing story of an autistic child. The clip provided a view of an autistic child from their own view and explains some of the stereotypes she has no control over. The OT creating this blog has links to the child’s blog and provides information and reviews on books that have been written about autism.

Occupational therapy for children: This blog consists of a range of post relating to development disorder that can be found in children. It provides the information that you require to know about each disorder and also information on how to work with children with these disorders.

OT Education: This blog is a blog that has been created to help OT’s and OT students stay connected and discover active blogs that are maintained by working OT’s and OT students. It links to blogs all around the world and provides a way to gain some incite of the profession.

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