Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tutorial Four

Occupational Deprivation

The aim of this tutorial was to create a 1 minute film, as a small group, that focused on one of the following concepts:
1.Occupational justice
2. Occupational disruption
3. Occupational transition
4. Occupational deprivation

My group choose the concept Occupational deprivation. Occupational deprivation can be defined as "a state of prolonged preclusion from engagement in occupations of necessity or meaning, due to factors outside of an individuals control." C.H, Christiansen & E.A, Townsend.

To get the concept of occupational deprivation across to our viewers we chose to focus on the environments in our society and how the simplest things are depriving wheelchair bond individuals from taking part in a range of occupations. things as simple as putting ramps in where there are steps and creating doors that are easy to manoeuvre wheelchairs through independently can remove this occupational deprivation.

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