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Tutorial Two:

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Tutorial Two
Progression of hand writing-
As an OT student I attend a range of fieldwork placements around the country. One of my placements was a paediatric placement which I help run a weekly hand writing session in a primary school. The children were very reluctant to take part as to them hand writing seemed pointless because the introduction of computers meant everything was typed. This made me reflect on how handwriting was certainly becoming a dying occupation. However it is not only an occupation taught in schools to help improve fine motor control it also requires us to look at the core strength and stability necessary to sit in a chair. This is an aspect of hand writing, computer skills and many everyday activities. Due to this I have created a slide show on the progression of handwriting to typing including the aspects of core stability.
The following defines the concepts do, being, become, belong.
Do or doing: doing can be described as “the emphasis of knowing and doing as a focal concern.” (G.D, Rowles). It is a “concept that includes purposeful, goal-orientated activities.”(Hammell, 1998). In terms of the slideshow handwriting is shown as a purposeful and goal-oriented occupation, this therefore shows doing. This can be seen in almost all slides. For example in slides two and eight.
Being: being is defined as “time taken to reflect, be introspective or meditative and re-discover self.” (Hammell,1998). In turn this links to self actualisation and finding a meaningful appreciation. The slides reflect being through the use of achievement. Such as is slide nine when the students are being all they can be through their skills of handwriting.
Becoming:  Becoming describes the “ideas that people envision of future selves” and “explore new opportunities. (Hammel,1998a ;2003a. In terms of the slide show it is through becoming that we are able to explore the new technology of typing over the skill of handwriting. It is a skill that has become an aspect of everyday and has certainly progressed from the basic means of typing shown in slide twelve (a typewriter).
Belonging: The term belonging refers to “the contribution of social interaction”... “And the sense of being included, to occupational performance and life satisfaction.” (Duggan & Dijkers, 1999). We can link the skill of handwriting to having a sense of belong as it is through handwriting that skill of letter writing came about. We were able to feel as if we were a part of something, whether it be a family or a business as we received or past on letters. In today’s society we type letters in email format and pass them on with the click of a button over the internet. Letter writing and emails are both shown in slides seven and seventeen.

Ethical considerations you made:
1. For my slideshow, as I was using images, to attend to any ethical concerns i have provided a link under each picture that I took from the internet. These links show where the original image was obtained.
2. In regards to the images that i have taken myself, of other people (e.g. slide 5), I obtained both verbal and written consent. By doing so I have evidence of the given consent if i am required to present it at any given time.
3. Lastly I have provided a reference list for all viewers to refer to that states what slide an image is on and where that image was attained.

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